World Tennis Day 2014- (Athletic Center Tennis Marathon)

It was a veritable feast of tennis for children, events of the Sports Centre Tennis Marathon, organized on the occasion of the World Day of Tennis, in 3 March 2014.

The purpose of the International Day Tennis, που είναι μία πρωτοβουλία της International Tennis Federation, is the promotion and dissemination of tennis around the world. This year the celebration focused on the promotion campaign for the dissemination of the program "Play & Stay "that enables children 5-8 years to learn and enjoy the sport, while for older children was an opportunity to play with the distinguished athletes Group.
In a warm atmosphere, under the guidance of experienced coaches Group children played tennis, painted on a large canvas issues relating to court and had the opportunity to "tackle" athletes Group, that sometime played tennis with rackets pans instead-which warmed even more joyous atmosphere.

Gifts of companies "Paxos" and "Nestle" given to all children with their commemorative medals and diplomas of participation in the World Day of Tennis.

Special thanks to Zefi Legaki, that with the talent, imagination and artistic creations contributed to the success of this celebration of Tennis!