The successes of our athletes in the National Juniors Championship 2014!

Four first became national showed our group the Panhellenic games held in recent weeks:

The Alexander Caldwell singles boys under 18 years Daphne DEMENEGA by STEFANO TZELATI Double mixed under 16 & Stay.
The SEMELI DIMITRAKOPOULOU (with teammate B.. Grivas) Double below 12 & Stay.
They noticed me and the four on the highest pedestal of National Games.

The successes of our athletes did not stop there. Made us proud and MARINA GENNIMATA which was a finalist (2position) Double girls under 18 & Stay (teammate with the E. Staboulis), while finalists was the Alexander Caldwell Double mixed under 18 & Stay (teammate with the E. Koukouvitakis). The MARINA GENNIMATA and took the 4th place in girls below 18 & Stay, while the fourth position occupied with the NIKO DEMENEGA and mixed doubles in the same category. The KAIMARAS CHRISTOS, ranked 4th (teammate with the I. Vetch) mixed doubles under 14.

The truth is that we have any other reason to rejoice because our athletes exceeded themselves and their expectations. In 8 the National Games arrived SEMELI DIMITRAKOPOULOU (girls under 12), the HOPE Head (teammate with the P.. Papadimitriou) under the double 12, and ZAGORAIOS KON / NOS (teammate with the A. Asimaki) mixed doubles under 14. In 16 the Panhellenic games arrived Daphne DEMENEGA (Girls under 16 & Stay), A.LEXANDROS ARVANITIS with Magina Dimitra mixed doubles under 14, the RENTOUMI MARIA (with teammate M. Stanello) mixed doubles under 14 and KON / NOS ZAGORAIOS (with teammate in M. Psariadi) under the double 14.
In 32: category, GEORGE BERTOLIS (Boys under 18), The Stefanos TZELATIS (Boys under 16), the MARO KORRE (Girls under 16), the HOPE Head (Girls under 12) and GOLD RENTOUMI (Girls under 12).
In 64: category, DEMENEGAS NIKOS (Boys under 18), category, SPENTZOS CHRISTOS (started with victories in the qualifying Boys under 16 ) and MARO KORRE (also wins in the qualifiers Girls under 16), category, Arvanitis ALEXANDER (with victories in the qualifying Boys under 14), the RENTOUMI MARIA (Girls under 14), the Magina Dimitra (Girls under 14, also passed the qualifying wins).
With a victory in the heats debuted at the Panhellenic Games and the ZERVA STELLA in category (Girls under 12)