28-9 / 8-10

We continue with a dynamic innovative tournament (Open by rating) for our young athletes / behavior shows, sponsored by PAXOS and support Tennis24.
For the first 30 children, who will register for the tournament and from cities outside Athens, the Marathon County Tennis Club provides free hosting (to bed)  to dormitories. We expect everyone at Marathon!

land surface: 2 earthen, 4 GREEN SET
Dates Games Starting Thursday 28/9 -2/10 and 5/10-8/10 End : Sunday 08/10/2017 Daily opening hours: 16:00, weekends: 09:00

If large participation may the period of holding the games become bigger.

Categories( MONA)
Category below 8 & Stay (orange ball)
Category below 10 & Stay (green ball)
Category below 12 & Stay (regular yellow ball)
Category below 14 & Stay (regular yellow ball)
Category below 16 & Stay (regular yellow ball)

Categories( NEXT)
Category below 12 & Stay (regular yellow ball)

Boys / Girls
Category under 8 years (2008 and up)
Category below 10 & Stay (2006 and up)
Category below 12 & Stay (2004 and up)
Category below 14 & Stay (2002 and up)
Category below 16 & Stay (2000 and up)

Ways opt
by phone at 2294055481, 6936532613, 6932568004
via e-mail at info@tennisleague.gr and info@marathontennisclub.gr
in www.tennisleague.gr site The entry form must be necessarily indicate, Full name, Year of birth, mobile phone, email(if exists), the desired category, and the date and times can not compete. Forms entry form will exist in the registry of the Defense Attaché and WWW.TENNISLEAGUE.GR site

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες, επικοινωνήστε στο 6936 532613,
στο τηλέφωνο της γραμματείας του club 22949 55481
ή στο info@marathontennisclub.grκαι στο tennisleague.gr

Κόστος Συμμετοχής 20€ για τα μονά και 10€ για τα διπλά. Η πληρωμή συμμετοχής γίνεται στη γραμματεία του ΑΚΑΜ