Following the announcement of the presidents of EFOA, Spyrou Zannia and the instructions for the safe restart of our sport, we would like to inform our athletes and members.

At this stage (up to newer instruction), those born in sports have the right to exercise 2005 and above (15 years and older).

Mandatory registration of data of those entering our group will be kept. The data (along with the reservation of the stadium), will be given to the secretariat. Indicatively (Full name, Capacity, Address, Email, mobile phone, entry time, symptoms with YES / NO and exit time).

  • Every athlete maintains personal hygiene, has his personal antiseptic with him and should inform the secretariat of the club in case of illness.
  • Entrance will be from one entrance and the canteen will remain closed, the restaurant, the gym and the locker rooms.
  • Reservations for members will be made by phone and players must be in group 15 before their game begins..

Players have their own marked balls (sport with individual balls, with a different marking from that of the opponent) and should keep their distance 2 meters. Double games are not allowed. So maximum number of athletes, 2 people per stadium.

Reservist Stavros Maronitis, Tel: 6944662226

We are committed as a group, to try so that we can protect ourselves and protect all those who are in our immediate environment but also in the environment in which we move and play sports.. We want to believe that all these measures are temporary and we will soon be able to enjoy the full range of sports that we love so much.!

Spyros Zannias: Information on the gradual reintegration of Tennis

Information on the gradual reintegration of Tennis