We start again at (after the Covid-19 era)Or with a strong coaching team and a lot of fun, this year's Summer Tennis Camp of the Marathon Country Tennis Club.
We want to offer for another year to the children, a combination of learning and improving their tennis skills and a pleasant summer vacation.

Μέσα σε μια οικογενειακή ατμόσφαιρα, and a friendly environment, where everyone is united by the love for tennis, η συστηματική προπόνηση, learning modern tennis for all levels and planning match tactics, are our main goals. We want to inspire children and make them love tennis, τον αθλητισμό και την ευγενική άμιλλα.

• The day begins with warming, morning workout with drills and exercises to improve their technique and fitness. At noon there is a stop for a sea swim on the beach of Schinias, φαγητό και ξεκούραση και το απόγευμα ασκήσεις τακτικής, games and points.

• At the end of the program, Single and doubles competitions are held for the purpose of our young athletes, to be able to integrate in real race conditions everything they learned in the previous days and to feel the joy of participation.

After the end of each workout, errors are analyzed, identify weaknesses and reward good efforts.

• In addition to daily training, In this way, our young athletes are given the opportunity, to have a pleasant vacation at the same time, and the sea.

Workouts start every Monday morning and end on Friday at noon. So children can spend the weekend with their parents and return to the Club on Sunday afternoon.

The children train daily, 2 hours in the morning and 1 noon with our coaches, while then as long as they are not tired and want it, they can play extra hours with each other on any court available.

Τέλος, there is also the choice of the daily program, where the children come to our place every morning and leave after the end of their afternoon training.

Training starts every Monday morning and stops on Friday at noon. So the kids spend the weekend with their parents and return to the club on Sunday afternoon.


Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες, επικοινωνήστε με τη γραμματεία μας

+30 22940 55481 – +30 22940 56433

additional information

From what age do you accept participations?

From 7 years old as long as the children are self-sufficient.

What you need to register

Payment in advance 150 € and medical certificate.

Children with eating problems and allergies?

For these children, It is good to have their diet plan in advance to adjust their meals.


You can visit the children any day you want outside of their training hours.

Screening for Covid-19

Covid-19 prevention rules will apply, in accordance with applicable laws, JMC and circulars. In case of legislative amendments, the measures envisaged will be amended automatically.
Throughout the program, the applicable health protocols of GGA and EFOA will be valid and observed..

There will be an antiseptic solution for disinfecting the hands in all areas.

All children upon arrival should have and display the negative test result for Covid-19 with self test, which will have taken place within 24 hours of arrival or any other certificate valid on the day of arrival.

Managing a suspicious or confirmed incident
In the event of a suspected or confirmed case of covid-19, the camp will adhere to the instructions provided in the current legal provisions regarding the Emergency Measures to protect public health from the risk of further spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.
Hygiene and cleanliness

Personal hygiene and children's bath are done daily.

The children's rooms are disinfected, while during the week they are cleaned daily by the cleaning staff following the applicable instructions.

The common sanitary areas, wc, showers and changing rooms are thoroughly cleaned daily

Registration Form

4 + 9 =

H register is valid if 10 days before the start of training, sent in your Registration Form, accompanied by a bank deposit certificate (ΤPiraeus bank IBAN GR11 0172 1200 0051 2009 8427 540), that you send to our email (info@marathontennisclub.gr) with the amount of 150 € as an advance payment for your participation, in the name