t the Marathon Country Tennis Club we aim to offer players , of all ages a pleasurable tennis experience in which coaching, where the training is serious but also fun in a nice environment and a relaxing atmosphere..

Our coaches are selected not only for their knowledge of tennis but also for their personal qualities, particularly their enthusiasm, patience, sense of humor and attention they show to individual needs.

Our tennis lessons are designed for people of all ages and levels, from beginners to the most advanced players interested in competitive tennis.
To ensure the greatest possible progress, wherever possible participants are separated, into groups, according to their level and age.
Lessons systematically include every one of the tennis strokes. Attention is paid as much to physical fitness as to technique, so that technical progress goes hand in hand with the body’s ability to ‘follow’ the demands of each stroke. We are interested too in the psychological aspect of preparation in tennis. Our students learn how to control their nerves and to adopt a competitive attitude, this instinct which is of vital importance for distinction in sport generally. Our programmes also include friendly matches for most players. Our aim is to improve players in all respects, without destroying the joy of the game.

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