In our group conducted for years fitness program for our young athletes,el. This program is focused on aspects related to the sport of tennis and is designed with particular attention and respect to their development,el. They are also split and special attention is given to the parameters of fitness to be developed according to the age of the athletes,el.

The parameters of the physical state is developed:

1. aerobic capacity (cardiorespiratory endurance) It is the body's ability to maintain a long time before a physical activity.

2. anaerobic capacity It is the ability to perform movements or short exercises with very high intensity.

3. neuromuscular assembly (coordination) It is the ability to have the muscle groups to operate in harmony with each other, to produce otherwise well executed moves.

4. Agility It is the athlete's ability to change directions and perform exercises easily and quickly without losing his balance,el. To qualify someone that has agility required: power, elasticity, speed, short reaction time, balance, general and specific strength and neuromuscular assembly.

5. Power · General muscle strengthening · Muscular endurance · Fast strength (explosive power)

6. Speeds · Acceleration · Endurance at speed · Speed ​​of reaction · Speed ​​of execution of movements

7. Elasticity At the beginning of each coaching session becomes ergometric testing to assess scientifically and accurately the physical condition of athletes mas.Me this process collect valuable information that helps us polyplefros the design of the F-programs K.I fitness,el, besides being the most important factor for the perfect workout in the art of the sport and to maintain the high level of the league procedures,el, It is also the best means of prevention for all sports injuries.